Who was Hannah?

As I’m walking the Great Wall of China in honour of Hannah, it seems only right that I tell you all a little bit about her.

Race for Life 2009Hannah Dressed Up 80s-StyleHannah at Uni

Hannah King was one of my best friends, I met her in my first week at uni and we’ve been friends since. In May 2009 she was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour, and in June 2010 at the age of just 25 she passed away.

Throughout the entire experience she remained strong and brave, she was feircely independent and never dwelt on the difficulties life had dealt her. When she had good times, she was desperate to get out and see the world and enjoy everything life had to offer her.

Hannah was brave, that’s true, but lots of people are. She was more than that. She held onto herself even when things were impossible, she refused to give up and was still the wonderful person all her friends and family knew.

Her support worker from CLIC Sargent described her to me “as a real lady” and I just couldn’t put it better. But having cancer didn’t make her any of those things, that’s who she always was and everyone who knew her saw it in her every day – before and after the diagnosis.

She was a mass of contradictions – the way most people are: A glamourous lady who wouldn’t let her nails get damaged even when she worked in a tile shop. ¬†She was the talented textiles artist who was obsessed with volcanoes and could talk your ear off about science and geography. She was as happy reading Ian McEwan and talking about novels as she was drinking tea and watching Dancing on Ice.

She was amazing, ambitious and she is missed.

If you’ve ever known anyone with cancer, you’ll know how hard it is to watch them suffer. If you’ve been through it yourself, you know the pain that she went through. If you haven’t done either, you’re lucky.

Every day 10 families in the UK are told their child has cancer. CLIC Sargent makes the experience easier for sufferers and those around her. By walking the Great Wall of China, I’m trying to raise money to make sure other young people can have the support than Hannah had. So donate now, or read more about how CLIC Sargent helped Hannah.