Supporting CLIC Sargent: the Children’s Cancer Charity

All funds from my trek in China will go towards supporting CLIC Sargent, the children and young people’s cancer charity.
CLIC Sargent
Supporting Young People with Cancer

People may be aware of CLIC Sargent as a charity that supports children – helping them and their families to cope with cancer and giving them a chance to enjoy their childhood and live their lives. Less well known are their efforts in supporting older young people.

Thanks to generous donations by the public, in recent years CLIC Sargent has been able to fund support worker posts to help young adults up to the age of 25.

Supporting Hannah

There are many different ways that CLIC Sargent supports young cancer sufferers, and I can’t admit to knowing everything that they did for Hannah. The support workers stayed in the background, offering support without intruding, quietly helping from behind the scenes.

I know that they organised amazing experiences for Hannah – getting her tickets and backstage passes for a Teenage Cancer Trust gig with big name comedians. They also organised smaller but equally appreciated ones – sorting out birthday treats for her when she was in a hospice.

The support workers were available for Hannah to call on when she needed help and support. They would ring her just to see how she was getting on. And they never asked for any thanks.

Supporting Hannah’s Family

The main reason I have for supporting CLIC Sargent is the warmth with which Hannah’s mum talks about the charity.

It’s clear that the support that CLIC Sargent gave her family has been invaluable. Any charity that made the pain of losing Hannah less difficult for the family she was so close to, will always be worth supporting in my eyes.

CLIC Sargent offers the same for parents and their children throughout the country. It’s only through continued donations that they can continue to offer a lifeline to children and young adults aged 18 – 25 with cancer. So go on – help me raise some money so they can continue to help people like Hannah.

Want to know more about the work CLIC Sargent does?

They do so much, that I can’t begin to describe it all here. Go to their website about supporting children with cancer to find out more.