Children’s Cancer Information & Support

Children's cancer information

I don’t claim to be an expert on cancer in children or young people.

Far from it.  If anything I was only dimly aware that cancer does hit young people and sometimes, tragically, they don’t recover - and that wisdom was mostly gleaned from movies.

Until, of course, it was my friend who got ill.  My wonderful friend who never did anyone any harm, who didn’t do drugs, didn’t do bad things to other people.

From what movies had told me, this didn’t happen to good people.

Good people get better when they get ill, and people visit them in their beds, where they look merely a little pale, and that might just be due to the soft focus of cameras.

If you’re reading this though, you know life doesn’t really work that way.  And so, I’ve pulled together some great resources from people who do know what they’re doing, to help you all.

‘I’m a Kid With Cancer’

How a young survivor is helping children to understand their condition.

Childrens Cancer Support for Everyone

Specific sources of help and advice for families of cancer sufferers, children with cancer and young people with cancer.

Questions Parents Ask About Cancer

Dr Andrew Hallahan talks through some of the questions asked by parents of cancers patients.

Childrens Cancer Information

Medical Information advice and support for parents of and children with cancer

Information for Teens about Cancer



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If I’ve missed any great resources that really helped you, please get in touch and let me know!