About The Fundraising Challenge

Who: Katie Saxon

What: Walk the Great Wall of China

When: 9th – 17th April 2011

Why: To raise a minimum of £3,000 for CLIC Sargent

How: Sponsorship, Fundraising Events, Blogging and More

So, who are you?

I’m Katie Saxon, I’m a 25 year old working in Internet Marketing with a love of cooking, clothes and pretty things.

Like many of us, it’s safe to say I’m not exactly in shape. I stopped doing regular exercise back in 2004 so now I’m unfit with an achey back and looking for a way to get fit and feel healthier. I’m also mildly scared of heights and I avoid them where possible.

And what’s this fundraising challenge?

In April 2011 I will be walking on and along sections of the Great Wall of China. I’ll do 5 days of trekking in total, and will walk just under 50 km (35 miles) all together – approximately.

I need to get fit. I need to raise the money to go. And I may need to confront that mild fear of heights before I walk on the wall, which is up to 8m (26 feet) high in places with steep drops on either side.

So, why are you raising money for charity?

I’m raising money for CLIC Sargent, the children’s cancer charity. £3,000 to be exact. CLIC Sargent supported one of my best friends and her family during her battle against a brain tumour – a battle that she sadly lost. Go ahead and read more about Hannah, the inspiration behind my fundraising and the wonderful work of CLIC Sargent if you’re curious.

By the end of January 2011, I need to give £2,120 to CLIC Sargent – anything else I raise will be given to the charity by mid May 2011. I’ll be seeking out sponsorship, cooking up cakes for sale, running beautifully decorated fundraising events. In fact I’ll be doing anything I can think of to get the funds I need for this worthy cause. And I’ll share it all with you on my blog.

If you hadn’t noticed there’s a link to my JustGiving page at the right of this page and a progress bar so you can see how close I am to my target. Feel free to visit my page and give some pennies to help CLIC Sargent.

Anything else we should know about your trek?

Hannah lost her life too young – she wanted to travel the world and explore everything. She talked about going to Fiji, living in Australia, doing all manner of amazing things both before and after her diagnosis. She didn’t have the time to go on those incredible adventures, I do and by doing it I can raise funds for a charity that really deserves your support.

She also wanted to help other people, she ran the Race for Life for Cancer Research UK, she gave support to other young people with brain tumours. She had so many plans for raising money for those in need, and now it’s my time to make her proud.

For ages I’ve just sat back and relaxed, thinking I had forever to get out there and make a difference, Hannah showed me that we don’t. I’ve got to make the most of that time and you can too, by giving me a hand to help out this great cause.

Have I convinced you that it’s a worthy cause to donate to?

Go on and donate money to help support CLIC Sargent then! Or if you’re tight on cash, find out other ways you can help me. And you can get in touch if you’ve got any other questions for me.