Three years ago today life as I knew it changed forever. That’s a statement that manages to be simultaneously melodramatic and totally mundane – everyone’s life changes forever every day, every moment. But this was one of those big “life will never be the same again” moments.

It was the day I heard that Hannah had had emergency brain surgery. It was the day that I sat with her parents, boyfriend and two other best friends in a hospital all day for a few moments of her time. It was the day I realised that my lovely friend wasn’t *just* suffering from depression, she was incredibly ill.

And my life has changed since then, in a million tiny ways. Some good, some bad and not all to do with the loss of Hannah.

I’m now a home owner and better still – a dog owner:

My dog Eric

(Isn’t my puppy Eric cute?)

Back then I was a marketing assistant for The Big Wheel and now I’m a digital marketing executive for Boom – an awesome internet marketing agency. Then I could say I was in my early 20s, but now I’m fast approaching my late 20s (eek!)

But the one change I don’t like – that I can do something about – is that I don’t do nearly enough creative things. I don’t try to paint or draw or do anything creative just because. I don’t go to the theatre, or galleries, or on adventures as much.

Yeah, partly that’s simply down to growing up and having to pay for proper grown up things (mortgage or theatre tickets), but partly it’s down to losing my partner in crime.

It made me think: this blog wasn’t ever just about the trek, it was about honouring Hannah. While I hope to do more great things (Team Awesome members are debating another trek…), I also want to do little things like sketching again or seeing random films just because.

So that’s what this blog is going to be from now on – my blog For Hannah, sharing all the things I would’ve shared with her from the experiences to the random attempts at “making art“*.

I hope you’ll bear with me through this, if anyone’s still out there, be kind. And if you can’t, blame Jasmine Aye¬†for pushing me to get creating again!

*It’s not a good trait in a former art student, but I do always feel a bit daft about getting stuck into art again.