It’s National Cupcake Week! And that means our Cupcakes & Cocktails Night for CLIC Sargent is fast approaching. And I got to thinking: shouldn’t there be some sort of cupcake and cocktail matching guide? We get advice on picking the right wine or beer to go with our dinner, why not the perfect blend of cocktail to compliment our cake?

So I got straight to work on putting together one so everyone coming along this Thursday can choose their cocktails wisely.

Matching Cupcakes and Cocktails

Have I missed your favourite cupcake flavour? Can you think of a better pairing for the flavours listed? Leave your thoughts in the comments below to share your cupcake and cocktail matching tips with the world.

Why I’m Holding a Cupcakes & Cocktails Night

I realise a post on cupcakes during National Cupcake Week may get some new visitors who are completely new who don’t know why I love CLIC Sargent so much. So in brief:

  1. CLIC Sargent supported my friend Hannah through the last few months of her life. They were there for her and after her death I was thrilled to talk to one of her CLIC Sargent support workers who was delighted to finally get to speak to me, cos she felt like she already knew me. It’s what I needed to hear at a hard time, and it’s what these wonderful people do day in, day out.
  2. As the above might suggest the support they give goes far beyond the patient. Equally important to CLIC Sargent is supporting the family – whether the best or the worst happens.
  3. CLIC Sargent attracts some of the most incredible people I’ve ever met, Billy, the hero of my trek to China who dedicates as much of his time and energy as possible to this cause. Paul, the chef at the fantastic Malcolm Sargent House, who cooks up whatever a family needs and or wants while they take a break from the demands of life with cancer. I could go on all day, but these are special people, doing special things, please give them all the love and support you can.

So, while you tuck into your cupcakes this week remember children with cancer, and, if you can, spare a few pennies to help them.