I’ve got til Sunday 15 May to hand over the cash I’ve raised for CLIC Sargent (if you want to sponsor me do it now!), so I’m going to share some of the fundraising secrets that worked for me – or that I wish I’d done!

1. Sometimes the Simplest Fundraisers are the Best

My most successful fundraising ideas were also the simplest:

2. Get a Little (Fundraising) Help from Your Friends

And family. And colleagues. And neighbours.

Basically don’t turn any offer of help down. You might find that a cake sale is a little lacklustre in your office, but a goldmine in your aunty’s. A generous stranger might give you a publicity boost. And partying solo is just no fun*.

3. Just Ask for It

Something I wish I’d be braver about: just asking for support – whether from a business or a friend. If you’re raising funds for CLIC Sargent their staff and fundraising co-ordinators are there to make life easier, so make the most of it and ask for their help!

Sometimes people are too busy, but so many people are happy to give their time, their money or things that you can sell / raffle that it doesn’t hurt to ask.

If you don’t ask, for the most part, you don’t get.

4. Make a Fundraising Plan – and Do It

I had about a million and one brilliant** ideas for fundraising, but I never got round to most of them. Not cos I didn’t have the motivation (although at times that was lacking), but just cos I wasn’t organised enough.

If I did it all again, I would definitely write up a plan, and get dates in my diary – deadlines and simply scheduling fundraising time.

Yes, I struggled with finding time to train, but I did put training sessions in my diary. Maybe if I’d done the same for fundraising I could have raised more cash. (Although I am very proud of how much I did make!)

5. Fundraising Should Be Fun

The best fundraising tip I can share with you all is to enjoy yourself. Don’t let doing good for a great charity become a chore: Organise fun fundraising events, do things that make you laugh, start a blog like I did if it’ll make you happy.

Hannah showed me life is too short to be miserable, so if you’re going to get out there and do something incredible, make the most of it!

Tips for Fundraising Awesomeness

*and a little sad.