Or featured in the press. Same difference.

Flying the CLIC Sargent Flag on the Great Wall of ChinaSince coming back from China some lovely journalists have been kind enough to talk about me in the press. And a few of them put out stories about me that I missed when I was busy getting ready for the trek! Here’s a round-up:

Nottingham Evening Post

Featured my Finding Nemo Charity Screening Success.*

Leicester Mercury

Talked about my trek as I was just getting ready to go to China.

Manx Radio

Beth Espey from the Isle of Man’s local radio station interviewed me about the trek.

And if you want to hear the full interview, here it is:

I’ve also been reliably informed that one of the Manx newspapers featured me – but can’t find it on their website. If anyone has a copy (hint hint mum and dad) send it my way!

* PS Did you miss the Finding Nemo Screening?

Well, I’m showing Kung Fu Panda on May 8 at 11:45am in the lovely Broadway Cinema, so you’ll have chance to get the full Trek for Hannah screening experience! Visit the Kung Fu Panda event page for full details – or follow the link in my widget on the right.

PPS Sorry for gratuitous use of this photo – I just love it!