Well on Sunday I had to tell my mum just how awesome she is for Mother’s Day and today I’ve got two other family members I need to shout about. Yep, it’s all about my family this week.

1. My Dad.

It’s his birthday. And he’s a great dad. And I forgot to put his card in the post. And so my mum feels ever so slightly less embarrassed that I put her photo up on Sunday (not that she’s said anything, but I can imagine.*), I’ll show you one of him too:

Happy Birthday Dad

So happy birthday dad, I hope you have a great day!

And your card is in the post now. Sorry.


2. My (English) Aunty Helen.**

She held a cake sale at her office and she raised £216! That is some serious cake baking.

She did also put her crafting skills to good use and sewed some pretty trinkets that she sold as well, so her colleagues aren’t just massive cake lovers. Not that I would ever judge anyone for liking cake, but that would be a whole lot of cake to eat.

I was very impressed by Helen’s flair for fundraising. Not only did she whip up tasty treats and textile treasures, but also she had the frankly brilliant idea to ask Tesco, who picked CLIC Sargent as their charity of the year 2010, for free ingredients.

She got herself CLIC Sargent balloons, a collection box and said she might put out the collection box next time she takes cakes to work.

Helen's Cake Sale

How awesome does this look? No wonder she raised so much.

Thanks Helen, I’m so happy for the contribution, impressed by what you did and I’m glad you enjoyed yourself!


*Hi mum!

**Although my American Aunty Helen is also great.