*Warning: If you object to public displays of emotion, avert your eyes now.*

For my fantastic mum

Reasons that you are fantastic:

1. You make the most amazing breakfasts.

2. …and cakes.

3. You encouraged me to sew and do arty, crafty things.

4. You’re American – it means I have family over the other side of the world(ish), and that’s fantastic.

5. You’re so thoughtful.

6. I know you’d do anything you could for me.

7. You’re funny.

8. You showed me that being nice to people is really important.

9. You get excited about things that I’m excited about.

10. You can give me advice on legal things.

11. You stand up for me and look out for me.

12. You’re helping me to raise money for CLIC Sargent.

13. You’ve raised four kids and I think we’ve all turned out pretty well (don’t tell them I said that).

14. You are beautiful.

15. You’re so clever.

16. You share your books with me.

17. You’re the best and I love you.

And here’s a picture of us kids to make you smile:

For mum from me