Good evening everyone!

I’m feeling very chipper after a great workout at the gym – 35 minutes on the step machine – followed by a relaxing soak in the tub.  (After I’ve punished my muscles with training I try to be nice to them with baths.  If I don’t they get angry.)

Fundraising Minimum Total Reached!I’ve also got another reason to celebrate.  The eagle eyed Justgiving watchers among you might have noticed a change in my fundraising total.  A big change.  Thanks to the generous staff at Domestic and General in Nottingham, I’ve added £500 to my fund to make a grand total of £2,770!

Fae Straw, Hannah’s old room mate, organised a dress down day at her office to do her part to honour Hannah’s memory.  A huge thank you to her and to all her generous colleagues, every penny counts!

That means I’ve officially raised the minimum amount I need to – and any extra I raise is 100% completely and utterly all for CLIC Sargent.

Let the extra fundraising begin!