The past weekend was a very satisfying one for me – I went with my boyfriend Joe and assorted family members to a cottage in the middle of nowhere.  I mean Wales*.

One of the main reasons for going – aside from catching up with the family and eating copious amounts of food – was so I could get some experience of hiking outdoors for more than one day in a row.

Training for the Steps up the Great Wall of China

I’m pleased to tell you all it was a success! 3.5 miles (approx) one day and 4 miles the next without really feeling the burn.  Much.  And that was going up (steep) hill and down (steep) dale. Just look at that photo if you don’t believe me – and that was one of the gentler slopes.

I realise I’m going overboard about just how steep those hills were, but I’m really proud of myself.  At the time I could really feel just how steep it was!

Admittedly I’ll be walking about twice as far everyday in China, so I definitely need to work on my stamina, but my muscles were up to the task.  It’s good to know for sure that all my hours on the step machine were worth it.

I’ve got more exciting news to share, but for the moment I have to go, busy evening ahead so I’ll just leave you in suspense…


*Sorry any Welsh readers, I couldn’t resist.