There’s a lot of doom and gloom in the air these days.  Don’t know if it’s the economy and all the stress of cuts and redundancies flying around, or if there are some bad vibes flying around, but a lot of people I know are feeling low.

Whether the ultimate cause of gloomy moods is money or not, financial difficulties (or even just keeping your head above water financially) can put an additional strain on an already strained mind.  And keeping your mind in tip top condition has been in my thoughts – largely due to the affect that Hannah’s brain tumour had on her mental health.

Don't drown in money worriesI was therefore enormously pleased to see that Martin Lewis, AKA the Money Saving Expert has teamed up with charities like MIND to create a guide to managing your money when dealing with mental illnesses.  The guide also talks about stopping money troubles – debt in particular – from causing a mental illness in the first place, which has got to be a good thing.

Whether you’re struggling with your money or not, I’m sure this will be worth reading (I was so excited to share the news that I haven’t read it yet).

On another note, the Money Saving Expert has highlighted an issue charities will face in the upcoming Tax Year:

Giftaid donations (which boost donations from UK tax payers by as much as 25%) will drop once a tax loophole closes.  Read the details on the Money Saving Expert site (he’s the expert – he explains it much better than I can!).

You might have noticed I love the Money Saving Expert (not in that way).  He explains complicated financial concepts in layman’s terms, and has helped me to get my head around my finances.

While he can’t offer one to one help for anyone with serious debt problems, if you want to get to grips with your finances, his website is a great place to start.