Because I do, I really do.  Thanks to all your generous donations I’m raising some serious cash for CLIC Sargent, and means I’m getting down the gym, and in just 7 weeks I’ll been in China ready to trek the Great Wall.  Yikes.

Bake Sales (Again)Just recently my mum held a hugely successful cake sale at her work place.  Not only did her colleagues at Douglas Town Hall donate a hugely generous £115 (well, my mum does bake exceedingly good cakes..), but their PR officer, Stephen Ritch, was kind enough to offer me praise and lend me his journalistic skills.

Moghrey mie to anyone from the Isle of Man who may be visiting as a result – and to any non-manx visitors, I just said “good morning” in Manx gaelic.

I thought it would also be a good time to let you all know how your money may be spent.  A portion of the funds (£1,150 to be exact) covers the cost of my trip to China.  Any funds above that are going towards the general CLIC Sargent funds, and could be spent on any number of different worthy projects.

You don’t even need to give a large sum to make a massive difference to a young cancer sufferer:

£1.50 will fund storybooks that help children under the age of 10 to understand cancer – so they know what is, or will be, happening to them.

£20 can buy blood sample kits for CLIC Sargent nurses to use on home visits, meaning a family can avoid another hospital trip.

£50 helps fund CLIC Sargent Social Worker posts, it was these kind souls who were so supportive of Hannah and her family during her illness and after her untimely death.

£100 means a sick child or young adult can go on an activity weekend, giving them chance to enjoy life after what may have been months in hospital.

But every child or young person is unique.  Not everyone will need these exact things – some may need more, some may need less.

The lucky young adults who survive cancer may find it difficult to find work after a prolonged illness, so CLIC Sargent can arrange work placements that will help them to regain their confidence and find their place in the working world.

The young child who is frightened and confused by their illness and treatment can be reassured and comforted by CLIC Sargent Play Specialists.  Play Specialists both help children to understand their illness, and give them some normality when they’re in hospital by playing with them.

The family who lives too far from the specialist oncology wards to travel, can stay in a Home from Home, where family and friends are all welcome.  This gives families a base near the hospital, to take at least one unnecessary stress off the family at this difficult time.

CLIC Sargent got Hannah down to a Teenage Cancer Trust gig - for freeAnd these are just a few of the things that your money could be helping to fund.  For Hannah it was tickets for her and her best friend to go down to London to go to a Teenage Cancer Trust gig, where they were treated to backstage passes and goodie bags.

In one particularly rash moment she announced to her care worker that she wanted to jump out of a plane – and the care worker was all set to find out how she could do it.

(I’m sure she later explained that actually she had no real desire to jump out of anything and it just sounded like the sort of thing you were meant to say, because this was never organised for her!)

Anyway, I just want you to know that your generous acts are funding amazing work that is happening every single day.  There are families throughout the country who wouldn’t be able to cope without the support that CLIC Sargent gives them, so from them, from me, thank you.  You’re amazing.


* And thank you to Librarian D.O.A., where I found this awesome retro baking pic!