I know I’ve been cruel guys, you’ve all been dying to hear what Chinese Elvis was like at last week’s Chinese New Year shindig.  The politest thing I can say is that he brought a whole new dimension to The King.

Possibly the strangest thing about him* was the uncanny resemblance he bore to comedian Michael McIntyre.  If you don’t believe me, I have photographic proof:

Michael McIntyre or Chinese Elvis?

Chinese Elvis and Michael McIntyre - separated at birth?

Ok, I realise that in this picture the resemblance isn’t that strong – strangely Chinese Elvis looks more “Chinese” on the screen then he did in real life.  To the extent that he actually said “You know, a lot of people ask me how Chinese I am, but the Chinese, well, they ask me how Elvis I am – and that’s the really important question”.

Maybe he heard mine and Joe’s not too subtle whispered conversation as he stood no more than 3 feet from us:

Me: Is he really Chinese?

Joe: I don’t know… he looks more like Michael McIntyre.

Me: Oh good god you’re right.

And so  on… It doesn’t help that Michael does have a joke in his repertoire about looking Chinese when he smiles.  So either we saw a slightly odd Elvis impersonator, an extremely odd Caucasian man who thinks he’s Chinese or a famous comedian who’s disguised himself as a Chinese man impersonating Elvis.

I don’t know about you, but I know which story I want to believe.

In case anyone was wondering, the rest of the evening was incredible – much tasty food was eaten, green tea was drank and Dragon dancing was admired.

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* Y’know despite the dressing up as and impersonating Elvis while flirting with a roomful of strangers eating Chinese food.