How can I get more sleep?Just a short one for you all today – just checking in before I drop off to sleep.  Hopefully.

Recently, I’ve been having trouble sleeping.  There’s a few reasons, but the killer one seems to be the completely random weather.  One night its like mid spring, the next I’m sleeping in an ice box.  It makes setting the heating difficult and either way it cuts dead any chance of a good night sleep.

The real irony of this all is, the tireder* I feel the less I can sleep, which means I’m more tired.  And the one thing I really want to do that would really help me sleep is my training, but when it’s so hard to cook dinner without sleepwalking, how will I manage a gym session?

It’s a hard question, that I don’t know the answer to, but if any of you out there have any experience of exercising when y0u’re running on empty or have any great – non medicinal, spammers I’m talking to you – ways to get to sleep, shout up now and share your thoughts!

*It’s a word, spell check, it’s a word!  And I don’t care if it ain’t cos I’m using it anyway – making up words as and when I see fit is one of the joys of using the English language, grammar police.**

**I told you I was tired…