Today was our Beat the Blues Bash for CLIC Sargent – slightly smaller turn out then we’d hoped for (we had greatly underestimated post-Christmas poverty!) – but still a lovely time.  With good friends, good company and lots of lovely bright pink CLIC Sargent balloons a good time is guaranteed.

Unfortunately, I always forget how essential charging my camera is for recording these events – but I have a few sneaky  phone photos to give you all a flavour of the day:

Buffet at the Charity Beat the Blues Bash

Balloons and Buffets

Charity Cake

Charity cake is the best kind – delicious goodness!

Sorry for not showing you more snaps, I haven’t got a steady enough hand for photographing with my phone.  Have a good week everyone – and don’t let the January blues beat you!

*PS.  Have you seen the CLIC Sargent ad with Dawn French?  Tesco have picked CLIC Sargent as their charity of the year and so sales of some of their products are helping raise £1 million for this fab cause, great hey?