Beat Lack of Motivation - Break Down The Barriers Stopping You ExercisingAs you may have guessed from my belated New Years post while December was great for fundraising, it was tough on my training regime.

There was all the usual seasonal stress:  The mid-week office parties that leave you tired and deflated – even when you stay sober, organising Christmas presents and postage, multiple trips (travelling, travelling, travelling…) to see family and friends.  Plus this December had some extra tricks up its sleeve including sub zero temperatures and office-based shenanigans (of the power cut and no heating variety).

Looking back it’s hardly surprising that I came down with the mother of all chest infections.  But, as I felt worse every time I stepped outside or did anything more strenuous than putting on another sweater, exercise was out of the picture.

But last Friday I had a breakthrough.  Maybe all the healthy living boosted my immune system, or maybe the virus had just finally run its course, but I was well enough to exercise again.  And how did I find this out?  I started playing on our new Kinect.

Yes, really, Kinect for Xbox helped me regain my motivation and want to get stuck into training again.

The Kinect is a fancy new controller that lets you control games with your body by moving around.  Games like Dance Central get you dancing – I found that just moving around made me feel so much better.  Ok, it was no intense workout, but starting slowly made me love exercise again.  It reminded me how fun exercising is, how great it makes you feel and got me hankering to get back to the gym!

So, today I hit the step machine and spent 30 minutes working up a sweat, I feel amazing now and I’m glad to be on my way to training to get fit for the charity trek again.

If you find yourself suffering from lack of motivation when your embarking on a fitness routine, here are my tips for getting it back:

  1. Don’t stress about missing your training sessions.  If you’ve been feeling unmotivated, beating yourself up for interrupting your training routine will only make you feel worse.  It’s easier said than done, I felt really guilty for not exercising and like I was letting everyone down, but this attitude only made me want to put off exercise even more.  Go easy on yourself, accept that you’re human and get back into it.
  2. Start out slow – if you’ve had a few weeks off from exercise don’t try to run a marathon.  Just do something small to ease yourself back in.
  3. Do something you love.  I’ve always loved to dance, which is why Dance Central gave me the kick start I needed.  Whether turning up the radio and bopping around will cheer you up or it’s kicking around a football that makes you tick, doing something fun will give you the push you need to get going.

Have you got any other great tips for motivating yourself to exercise?