It's just the dancing I found inspiring in CinderellaLast night I went to the theatre.  I realise that on face value that has absolutely nothing to do with training or fundraising for a trek to China, you’d be right of course, but I do have a reason for sharing this with you.  I went to see Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella, and it reminded just how much I love dancing.

The last time I exercised regularly was when I was 19 and doing ballet.  I gave it up when I started uni – I wasn’t good enough to go pro like some of the girls I went dancing with (told you I was competitive) but I was a bit beyond basic dance classes.  But going to see this incredible ballet last night made me feel  inspired and now I want to get on my dancing shoes.

Ok, so Cinders is best known for her lack of shoes, but the metaphor still works.

Matthew Bourne is a choreographer that you may know of without realising it – he created the male Swan Lake.  And you see some snippets of that special ballet in Billy Elliot.

Bourne’s ballets take inspiration from everywhere.  One move may be straight out of a Gene Kelly musical, another may be taken from contemporary dance.  The sets and costumes have a cinematic quality (bold sets, stunning lighting) and contains quirky metaphors (Cinderella dances with several guys at once – they’re literally queuing up to dance with her).

Some of the scenes even have references to movies – Brief Encounter, The End of Love and Coraline are woven into the tapestry of the show with all the grace you’d expect from a ballet company.  Being someone in love with shows like Spaced where you can play spot-the-reference, this style of ballet suits me – especially cos these references are right up my street (unlike many of the sci-fi/geek references in Spaced).

One of the pieces of advice I keep reading about getting into and sticking at exercise is to find something you love.  And while I may have fallen for the gym, my heart still belongs to ballet.  Perhaps it’s time for me to pull out my pointe shoes again?