Happy New YearWhat’s your new years resolution?  Mine is quite simply to get in shape for my trip to China!

But the extremely cold weather in December hit me hard: I’ve been suffering with a chest infection for the past 2 weeks, and before that I had migraines that have kept me away from any proper training for several weeks.  (The guilt!)

So before I do any exercise I’m focussing on getting healthy – it’s all fresh fruit, mint tea and multivitamins for me.  If anyone has any thoughts on exercises that are appropriate when you’re under the weather, or tips on boosting your immune system please share them with me!

In better news, I’m in the top 5 fundraising on the Justgiving Charity Challenge site!  I’ve got to raise another £500 by the end of January, so if you’ve been holding back your sponsorship, please donate now – every penny helps!