Reaching a Fundraising Target Blue Peter-styleJust a quick note to say I’ve reached a major milestone in my fundraising – in one day I’ve not only reached but sprinted right past the half way point in my fundraising!

I sort of feel like I need a retro Blue Peter-style totaliser to show off this fact.  One of the old school measurements of how close the public was to raising the total target funds for that year’s Blue Peter appeal.  They always exploded in a shower of confetti when the total was reached, raining sparkles all over the presenters.

But, as the only way I’ll get one of those is to make my own out of plastic bottles and sticky-back plastic (for an authentic Blue Peter effect), I’ll have to make do with my widget.  Admire it over there in the right hand tool bar: and should you feel moved to help me reach that total, go right ahead and click on that little donate button!

A massive THANK YOU!  To all of you who have sponsored me so far, you’re going a long way to help thousands of children and young adults with cancer.  Young people like my friend Hannah who deserve a chance to live their life, and make the most of every last minute.  It’s a gift to them and everyone who loves them, so on their behalf thank you.