Last week was frantic for me – busy times at work, parties all at the start of December (because everything’s so busy at Christmas) and a trip up to the Lake District.  Leaving not a whole lot of time for the gym.  In the same week Nottingham was struck down by the snow that froze most of the UK, and while others moaned I was delighted at the chance to walk around on fresh snow.

So for that time I ditched the gym and spent my time walking in a winter wonderland and drinking in the festive snowy atmosphere.  This is how Christmas is meant to be…

Walking the Dogs in the Snow

There was dog walking in the Lake District

Frozen Berries on our Walk

We spotted beautiful frozen holly bushes – a photo fit for a Christmas card?

In the Meadow we can build a Snowman...

And you can’t go walking in a winter wonderland without stopping to build a snowman, ours is called “Snowy”.

Do you love or hate the snow?  Do you want to go play in the white stuff or snuggle up by the fire when it snows?