Give a gift to a good causeHave you bought all of your Christmas presents yet?  Or are you, like most people, caught in a flurry of shopping and wrapping – picking up those last few essentials to make the big day Perfect?

But without trying to preach, spare a thought for those less fortunate than you, like children with cancer around the world.

You may be hoping for that special present, but for cancer sufferers the best gift they could get is there health.  Not everyone will be lucky to recover from their brush with cancer, but with the help of charities like CLIC Sargent they can enjoy living their life.  December is the time of giving, and at this festive time, why not reach out to help a child in need?

Of course, I’d love it if you could spare some pennies to sponsor my trek, but whether you have money to burn or are scrimping and saving you can give your time for free.  Make it your new years resolution to volunteer for CLIC Sargent, or have a look at how you can help support my fundraising – there is plenty that you can do from the comfort of your own home!

However you plan to spend your holidays have a wonderfully festive time with family and friends: Merry Christmas to all and all that jazz.