Give money for childhood cancerDecember is a time for excitement, a time for presents and parties, a time for family and friends.  But for some children and their families, December is just another month in their battle against cancer.  For some parents, December is a hard reminder of the son or daughter that they lost to this horrible disease.

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the Christmas spirit and forget about those less fortunate than yourself, that’s why CLIC Sargent is encouraging everyone to get involved with childhood cancer awareness raising month.

There are so many ways to get involved, give these ideas a try:

  • It’s the season of giving, so if you want to donate some pennies to this wonderful cause why not sponsor me?
  • … or visit the CLIC Sargent website and donate directly to them.
  • Try some festive fundraising events: carol singing, a Christmas bake sale or a present wrapping service.
  • Talk about childhood cancer on Facebook, Twitter and your blog.
  • Send e-cards from CLIC Sargent  (I told you about them a few weeks ago, remember?)
  • Check out my how to help page for more ways you can contribute to my fundraising efforts

But anything that you can do to help would be greatly appreciated!

This December will be my first without Hannah, a milestone I’m not looking forward to, but one that is sadly inevitable.  It’s a difficult time, so it’s important for me to focus on helping other young people with this horrible disease.  Help me to raise awareness of childhood cancer this December and help other sick children to enjoy Christmas.