I’ve been neglecting to post on here, with the result that I now have a whole bunch of stuff to share with you.  There’s a quick follow up from Monday’s post on finding time to train, some much needed “thank you”s and some festive tidings to share:

I went for a swim straight after work yesterday:  So much easier than getting up early, which was the original plan, but when my alarm started up, well the snooze button called out to me. As I work 8.30 – 4.30, I was able to get into the pool before the post-work rush started.  I think this might be a good way of fitting in my training, I’ll let you know.

Do you ever look at the Thank You page?  See, it’s up there, in the navigation bar.  I use this to credit all the charming, wonderful people who donate their hard-earned cash to my trek for CLIC Sargent.  A lot of them of are friends, family or co workers, past and present, there are also a few generous strangers on that list.  I’m touched by, and grateful for, every donation so thank you all.

If you also want a metaphorical hug and some gratitude directed your way, please donate your pennies – it all adds up!

Now onto festive things, first up, something I spotted on the CLIC Sargent page on Facebook: CLIC Sargent charity e-cards.

For a few years I’ve been thinking I should really send out e-cards.  My mum’s American, so I’ve got lots of family stateside, and I always feel guilty that I don’t send them season’s greetings.  I normally miss the last posting date, fail to buy enough cards, and can’t quite manage the cost of all that postage.  I was wondering about sending out e-cards instead, and ta-dah!  My favourite charity now offers them!

(Surely I can claim that it was my idea, in much the same way as they do on the irritating Windows 7 ads?)

Anyway, if you too have lots of family overseas, or if you want to save some trees, try out the e-card generator.

And a final point.  This Sunday I’m having a Thanksgiving dinner with friends to raise money for my trek.  I have this feast every year (keeping in touch with my US heritage), but this year I’m asking all my guests for donations towards my trek.

The pressure of asking for cash, instead of providing food out of the goodness of my heart, has me frantically visiting the Martha Stewart website searching for recipes and tips.  Should I decorate the room elaborately?  Should I do more desserts?  Or fancier desserts?  Should there be more food?  More alcohol?  And so the panic starts…  I realise that this is daft, my friends have always enjoyed my food before, and they’re all happy to support the cause.

But still, I can’t help but worry, and of course someone special won’t be there for the first time in years, I want to make sure I make her proud.

Have you ever organised a charity dinner for friends?  Did you find the pressure to entertain was too much?  Have you got any lovely festive fundraising ideas to share? If so, let me know.