Last week was a pretty hectic week for me, with work trips, friends staying, followed by family staying…  I was pretty short on time for the week, it has to be said.

So, my usual twice weekly trips to the gym were cut down to a single visit (I chose to avoid the cross trainer and instead hit the step machine, possibly better for building up my leg  muscles without the tragic side effects).

For one week missing a gym session doesn’t seem too bad, but we’re about to hit the Christmas season, aka the month of festive parties, drinks and dinners.  The month when no one has time for anything other than festive cheer – and some don’t even have time for that.  How do I make sure I’ve got time to hit the gym amidst all the festive fun?

I’ve been reading up on ways to find time for exercise:

  1. Schedule it into your calendar, in the same way you would an appointment or that party.
  2. Go with a friend.
  3. Get up early – not enough hours in the day?  Wake up an hour early and use that time for exercise.
  4. Or go straight after work, before you have time to sit down, relax and lose the will to exercise.
  5. Be consistent:  Go at the same time every week, so exercise becomes a regular habit.

Many of these ideas were gleaned from reading the incredible blog, Zen Habits, particularly the great posts, 7 Ways to Build the Exercise Habit and Top 42 Exercise Hacks.

I’m hoping that they help me stick to my guns and keep up on my training throughout December.  Have you got any ideas for finding time for exercise?