This evening I once again faced the cross trainer in a brave – or some might say foolish – move.

You might remember last week I complained of coming over all Bridget Jones and nearly falling over after a tough training session on an exercise bike followed up with some time on a cross trainer.

This week I was pedalling like mad on the cross trainer, wondering when the day would come when a 10 minute session would feel like a breeze, when my boyfriend came over to me.  He looked at my feet for a minute, looked up at me, down again before coming out with the immortal words:

“Katie, why are you pedalling backwards?”

Backwards?  Really?  Was I honestly being that stupid?  I’d love to tell you that he was mistaken, but it would seem that I had indeed been pedalling backwards all this time.  No wonder I found the training for my trek so tough.

He showed me how to correct this (“stop pedalling.  Ok, now, go forwards”) and I found that actually, hard work though it was, doing it properly was so much easier. Shocking, I know.

I’m wondering if now might be a good time to take on a personal trainer?  What do you think?