Getting into a Training RoutineThis is my second week of proper training – that is, telling myself that come what my I will get down the gym for half an hour and I will exercise.

I’ve read all the blogs, I’ve seen the advice, I know by now I should be trying to get into a routine.  This will help me to stay motivated and keep on track of my progress.  The thing is: it just isn’t working for me.

Last week I spent half an hour working out on the exercise bikes at the gym on Monday.  I followed that up with a refreshing 30 minute long morning swim on Tuesday… I was well under way on a training programme.  Yes, I’m starting off slow, but by not pushing myself too hard the aim is to not burn myself out and lose all motivation within a month.

This week however I went to the gym on Monday as before, I managed to up my game slightly – cycling at a harder resistance and pushing myself to pick up my pace.  But by Tuesday I was exhausted, so I swapped for a Wednesday morning swim.  Once again I pushed myself to swim more lengths than I had the week before, inching my fitness levels up.

I’m on my way, I’m dedicating myself to training and I’m really motivated to get fit.

But if I continue to exercise at haphazard times am I dooming myself to lose motivation before my training’s hit the one month mark?  Is my as-and-when-I-like strategy sure to fail faster than an epic fail by the world’s biggest failure?

If anyone out there has any advice on getting into a routine, and whether that is indeed essential for success, leave me a comment giving me your tips and tricks.

*Image courtesy of Robert S. Donovan