Hannah had told us that she wanted to have a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party for her 25th.  A massive party with copious amounts of cake, lashings of tea and compulsory crazy hats.  But when her birthday rolled around she was too sick to party and the plans were put on hold.

But, Hannah had been quite particular about wanting that party, and we knew that even if she was no longer with us, we couldn’t let her down.  So in September Miss King’s friends and family were out in force, dressed in their finest with hats to match for a fundraising Tea Party in her honour.

Dressed up for the Mad Hatter's Tea Party

At the time that we decided to host the party I hadn’t signed up for this charity trek, so we agreed to raise money for a local cancer support group for young adults aged 18 – 24.  The group has been set up by CLIC Sargent in direct response to feedback from Hannah’s parents.  On this one day we raise a staggering £860 thanks to our generous guests and a very persistent sales lady!

We had pretty displays of charity info…

CLIC Sargent Display

Big-hearted raffle prizes …

Raffle Prizes

Egg and spoon races …

Egg and spoon races

… and enough cake to feed an army (the table was overflowing within half an hour of the snap being taken)

Cake Table

It was a fantastic day and I’m looking forward to many more like it!